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Personalized programming to fit you and your lifestyle.

Training 1:1 is personally tailored to you and your goals, lifestyle, and abilities.  With daily check ins, guided adjustments, and nutrition input, you will be given all the tools you specifically need to be successful.

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A 12 month progressive program with the education behind the process.

With an account on TrueCoach, I will be your personal coach with weekly check ins, monthly progressive programming, and newsletters to help you make the progress you've been longing for.

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Progressive Strength Training

Strength training (ie weights) accessible both at home and in a gym setting; all you need are some dumbbells at least. 5 workouts a week, uploaded monthly.  No frills. No extras.  Just the work you're looking for.

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6 Week Guide

Whether you are new to exercise or returning after a hiatus, you need to be gentle with your body and ease into regular movement.  I have created a 6 week guide centered around stability, balance, and core work to give you the foundations you need to continue to grow in your fitness journey.

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From the Clients.

I have absolutely loved having Sam as my personal trainer.  She never puts unrealistic expectations me and never passes judgement.  She always encourages me to live life but will also give me a dose of the tough love I need from time to time.  Not only is she helping me meet my physical goals but she's helped me get past unhealthy mindsets.  I have had a handful of obstacles present themselves and Sam is always so quick to research to accommodate my needs.  I also love that I can count on her to always be my biggest cheerleader.  She's truly a rockstar!

Brittney R.

From the first day working with Sam, she was there motivating me and helping me with any questions I had.  Every single workout was challenging and pushed my body, but it rarely felt like work.  It was enjoyable and fun.  And if you give it enough time, you will see the results you want, and Sam will be there cheering you on the whole way.

Melaney M.

I started training with Empower during the pandemic when gyms started opening but I wasn't comfortable going yet.  Samantha's program reintroducted me to short effective workouts and got me back into a routine.  I love that the workouts can be done in a half hour and they're progressive (you do the same thing for about a month, with increased intensity throughout then get new exercises for the next month).  Samantha has been a great trainer to work with and has helped me move my body in time of immense stress.  I love having access to her to help with my form.  I am thankful for having her as my virtual trainer in such a stressful time!

Sarah S.

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